Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm sitting inside my house tonight and I hear moaning and scratching at my front door.

I looked outside to see where all the noise was coming from and I found these two creepy zombie kids at my door step. They were dress up like characters from the Trick "R" Treat movie; they demanded I give them some Halloween Candy.

They told me they just finished eating one of my neighbors and now wanted something sweet for desert. I told them I didn't have any candy, but if they hurried they could eat, I mean catch the ice cream man who just passed a minute ago.

Kid’s today have no respect, don’t they know Halloween isn’t for another five months!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Like a good son, I went to visit my Mother on Mothers Day. After spending the entire morning there with my siblings and all our kids, I decided to go for a walk since it was such a nice day outside.

My parents live just North of me in the older part of Stouffville, Ontario. Like any other small town the developers are slowly creepy up North and building new communities.

There are still some old abandon homes left in the area that look like Haunted Houses. I've had my eye on this one house for over five years and always wanted to take some photos of it, but I wouldn't because of this "Sign".

I've never seen anyone go in or out of this house. When I've driven past it in the evening, I've never seen any lights on, any vehicles in the dirt road driveway, or any sign of life. So I finally built up some courage and brought my camera with me to take some photos of this really creepy old house.

As I approached the house you could tell it had been abandoned for a while. All the trees, gardens, and grass were over grown and there was garbage every where. Almost every window on the house was broken, the paint was fading and flaking off.

I started to walk towards the house to take some closer shots when I noticed the front door was open, when I looked inside there was garbage every where too. It looked like one of those t.v. hording shows.

As I adjusted my camera lens for a closer shot of the front porch I noticed a large black object standing in the doorway that wasn't there a few seconds ago, when I finally focused my lens...I froze.

There was a large black Rottweiler dog staring me down, all I could think of was Stephen Kings "CUJO" the friendly St. Bernard that contracts rabies and goes on a killing spree.

I stood there completely still and thought to myself "I'm in trouble". I was all alone and there was no one any where close to hear my screams if I was attacked. I knew if I ran, this dog would chase me down no problem, so I just stood there for a minute and kept my eyes locked on "CUJO".

Finally I decided I had to get out of this situation fast, so I slowly started to back up. Well I guess that was all CUJO was waiting for, me to make the first move. He started to run towards me and I froze again, I put my hand out to show a sign of good gesture and thank God, he was a friendly dog.

CUJO looked like he was an abandon dog who was just looking for some companionship and some one to say hello to. Then just when I was starting to feel comfortable again, I hear this loud voice come from the house "Your Trespassing" get the hell off my property or I'll get my dog to attack you.

I looked up at the front door and there was this really scary looking guy who looked liked he had been living in the wilderness for the past ten years. He was creepier then the house and the dog, I apologized for disturbing him and got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

I personally think he was a house squatter, but I wasn't about to ask him.

"WOW" what an experience. I'll never do that again.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Gone but certainly not forgotten.

Transcend the traditional funeral with a fitting send off that celebrates individualism and living life to the fullest.

Shake the ground one more time in this Harley Hearse from Boot Hill Hearse.