Monday, January 25, 2010


I've already started my first Halloween project for 2010...

I've come up with an idea to create some Haunted Zombie Windows. I want the Zombies to appear as if they are moving around from inside the house and looking out the windows as people walk by.
So I invited my friend Jeff Chatten from Horrors Unlimited to film four zombies (Myself, my niece Megan, and two friends Jen & Karl).

Dysfunctional family




The whole concept was to shoot video of each of us standing behind a green screen, this way any background can be added to get that creepy effect, each zombie pretended that they were trapped in the house and were trying to get out through a window.

When the video has been edited and burned onto DVD's, I will be able play each individual Zombie on a DVD player through a projector onto a reversible screen attached to the inside of a window.

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