Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My neighbor who lives a few doors down from me isn't home that often and she leaves her cat outside most of the time. I'm personally allergic to cats, but I've really become fond of this little guy.

He knows my routine and is always at my front door when I leave in the morning for work and always seems to be waiting for me when I get home. If I'm downstairs on my computer in the office or my living room, he always seems to know and continues to meow until I let him in.

Now I know it's my fault because I've been feeding him regularly, but I feel bad he's outside all day and I don't know how often he's feed. If I notice my neighbor has gone away for a weekend and left him out, he always has a warm place to sleep, and he knows it.

Throughout the year when ever I was outside working on my garden, lawn, prop building in the garage, or even setting up of my haunt in October, my little friend was always by my side.

I've talked to my neighbor and she's aware of our bond and thinks it's cool, she told me his name last year, but I can't remember it. So I just call him "Cat".

Another cool thing I like about my Cat friend is for the last two years in October when my Haunted Cemetery was all set up and running. My friend here liked to sit either on my tomb stones or my porch and keep an eye on everything for me.

Cat's really are amazing companions.


Spookworks said...

Aww! Gorgeous kitteh! Must be your familiar ;)

The Frog Queen said...

Ah, Hal, our offical graveyard mascot could not agree with you more :)

(someday I will have to tell you the story of how we got him....it so going to sound familar to you :D)

They are perfect for a Halloween display and good company :)