Monday, March 21, 2011



I'm excited to finally have finish the new Canadian Haunters Association logo with the help of my new Graphic Designer M80.

While I was visiting the Transworld Halloween Trade Show in St Louis, I was also on the hunt to find a new website designer to help me build the new Canadian Haunters Association Website.

I've spent the last two months looking for a website designer in the haunt industry. I couldn't go with my current website designer Rogues Hollow because it conflicted with his other company Haunted, and let's just say the others in the industry never took the time to get back to me.

So... I lucked out and found a new rising star in the haunt industry, Tyler Barnett from M80 Designs. I was really impress with his work on Nightscreams Studios website and he will be working with another talented website designer Jimmy Talkington from Thorn Designs.

BTW, all these guys are super talented Website Designers in the haunt industry, I would highly recommend all of them for anyone who's looking to create a Killer Website for their haunt.

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Anonymous said...

Tyler Barnett and the owner of M80 Designs is a thief and misrepresents his work and his background. He has been banned from working in all haunts in teh Lexington KY Area because he has screwed over haunts such and LExington Screampark and Wicked World Scaregrounds. Beware hiring him for anything.