Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It was just over a year ago on August 23rd, 2009 that my friend Bruce Evely passed away suddenly.

(Bruce Evely and his wife Sherry)

Bruce was the creater of the Stittsville Haunt" in Ottawa, Ontario.

(Halloween 2008)

(Bruce & Sherry - Halloween 2008)


Bruce was addicted to Halloween as Trick 'R' Treaters are to candy, he started his cemetery theme home haunt back in October 1998.

What started as a few simple lawn decorations, grew into an elaborate zombie wonderland spanning across his entire front yard, a dungeon in his garage that was filled with rattling skeletons, glowing skulls and eerie lights. He added Gothic window treatments, custom tomb stones, lighting, music, sound effects, ghosts, monsters, witches, dragons, demons, and a hearse in his driveway.

Bruce also generously donated money and food every year to the Ottawa Food Bank.

Bruce's wife Sherry and daughter Brianna came to visit me on the weekend and dropped off one of the four tomb stones Bruce was making for his home haunt for Halloween 2009. Sherry was kind enough to give me one of them in memory of Bruce; I've attached photos of how I finish detailing and painting the beautiful tomb stone Bruce never got to finish.

(Tomb Stone Before)

(Tomb Stone After)

I roughed up the edges with a hot Styrofoam knife, added some cracks and put one layer of dark grey paint, then finshed it off by sponging on a lighter grey paint.

Now I'll have a great tomb stone in Bruce's memory that we both worked on and it will be a tribute in his name for future Halloween's.


Rebecca M. Senese said...

A lovely article, Chris.

The Frog Queen said...

That is a great post. Excuse me....I gotta go find a tissue :(